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Pastel Evolution Version 3.11 - 2006

New Features and Functionality

Softline Pastel’s continuous investment in Research & Development provides customers with the latest and most up-to-date software. This new release incorporates customer feedback and suggestions and will allow your business to take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality that Pastel Evolution Version 3.11 offers.


Pastel Evolution Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an extension to the Bill of Materials module. It separates the manufacturing process into time periods, so that at the start of the process the system transfers the raw materials into Work In Progress. Once the process is complete, manufactured items are transferred to Finished Goods. During this process, the following can be done:

  • A full audit trail of each manufacturing process can be viewed.
  • Stock can be drawn at the beginning of the manufacturing process, and
    unused stock reversed once the process is complete.
  • A bill of materials can be changed without affecting an ongoing
    manufacturing process that uses that same Bill of Materials.
  • One or more components in an existing process can be replaced if needed,
    and manufacturing continued with the new components.
  • By-products, in addition to your main manufactured item, can be created.
  • Additional features include forward planning with the material requirements

Lot Tracking

A new add-on module, Lot Tracking allows you to track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number, for items that can expire, such as food, medicines or ink cartridges. Lots can also be assigned to distributors and/or resellers, to automatically track sales’ origins. Lot Tracking differs from Serial Tracking, which, for example, lets you track individual items.

Additional features include:

  • Expiry dates and user-defined status that allows for further control of
    stock items.
  • Determining what can be purchased or sold by Lot Status. Stock items
    that have expired could, for instance, not be sold.
  • Items can also be tracked simultaneously by Lot Number and by
    Serial Number.

Download the Full Brochure here

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